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Jewelry Information:

As of now, all our jewelry is made with the best quality gold plating available. We use 925 sterling silver, stainless steel, brass, and rhodium as the base metals. This ensure that your jewelry is incredibly durable. We are working very hard to start offering solid gold, SI1, Vermeil, VS1 & VVS.

Our designs are made and shipped from Miami, Florida, USA. We also work with generation-long business partners from all around the globe to ensure trust, quality, and consistency in our jewelry.

Yes absolutely. We set out to create the most durable & resistant jewelry on the market. We pride ourselves on the quality of our metals and processes. You can wear your jewelry confidently every time you shop with us. However, just like any material on the planet, jewelry must also be taken care of.

Each order comes with a protective pouch specifically made to protect and keep your pieces dry. We also include a jewelry cleaning cloth that should be used to wipe your pieces after every wear. Just like any material, jewelry reacts to long exposures to sweat, oils, water, chemicals, etc. While our pieces are made to last, taking care of them will further promote the longevity of them.