About Us

Our Story:

         You may have a list of questions running through your head. What does Sikacci mean? Who is behind it? What exactly do we do? Why, and when was it created? What are our values and most importantly, what is our commitment to our community? We are dedicated to bringing you clarity to any of these questions.

  • What does Sikacci mean & where does the name come from?

Sikacci directly translates to “Sea of Gold” in the Ewe language. The first part of the name “Sika” is word used to refer to many things such as gold, wealth, jewels, etc. White the later part of the word “cci” means refers to sea. We wanted to focus on abundance and true meaning when we came up with the brand’s name.

While the first portion of the name is just self-explanatory, there is a specific reason why we decided to use “sea” for the second part of the name. And here is where our story truly begins …

  • Where did it all begin?

I was born to a mother who is a talented jeweler. From an early age, I was introduced to every working part of jewelry, ranging from the materials, the craftsmanship, the luxurious touches, down to the branding & marketing etc.

Being raised by a mother who is so recognized in the industry, was a blessing in the sense that it required her to travel and spend a lot of time overseas. This blessing was extended to me when I would accompany her along to her business trips. There were periods when we would spend half the year overseas. This is where the inspiration for the second part of the Sikacci name came from.

During these trips, I learned a lot about inner workings of the jewelry industry worldwide. From how gold and diamonds are harvested, how it is processed, traded, sold. The different types of materials that jewelry is made with, the true value of the metals, etc.…

Living in six different countries, interacting, and learning from the elites in the jewelry industry, has taught me the true importance of precious metals and stones; why they are so valuable and why we wear them. This quickly developed into a passion & it was just a matter of time until I channeled that through e-commerce.

  • Who is behind the brand?

My name is Elpidio Koffi Amoussou. I was born in Lomé, Togo; one of the most beautiful countries on the western coast of Africa. Even though I was born in Togo, I spent most of my life (until 18 years old), traveling the world with my mother going on her business trips to perfect her craftsmanship for jewelry and affinity for business.

Some of the countries I lived in during that time are Paris, Beijing, Thailand, Ghana and many more. It goes without say that this played a big role into my knowledge for jewelry and fashion. I have always been into jewelry and street fashion. These are the fundamentals this brand has been established on.


  • What exactly does Sikacci do?

We are committed to Redefining the Gold Standard by bridging the gap streetwear and high-end jewelry. And the most effective way to do so is quite literally by becoming that bridge. From our previous generation of jewelers to the robust relationships we’ve built worldwide over the past 50 years, we can cut the unnecessary markups of the jewelry industry by offering you handcrafted luxurious pieces from some of the world’s best craftsmen and craftswomen. Our background in fashion and passion for streetwear is also directly reflected in our pieces.

  • Why and when was the brand created?

We set out on a mission to create the most committed, transparent, and meaningful brand on the market. Our aim is to elevate both the jewelry and streetwear industry by bridging the gap between luxury, streetwear, and affordability. We’ve always seen the potential in both industries, it was just a matter of time before bridging two of the spaces we’ve always been the best at. And for that, we needed the right vessel. That’s when Sikacci was created.

  • Our commitment to you, the Sikacci community:

The Sikacci brand is dedicated to providing luxurious streetwear jewelry pieces, crafted by the world’s best jewelers. Behind our promise, stands a true passion for the jewelry industry and our deeply rooted involvement in streetwear fashion.