Tips for Choosing the Ideal Gold Chain

Gold chains have become a part of the latest beauty and fashion trends, and ever since the market has been bursting at its seams and overflowing with different kinds and styles. This makes the search for an ideal gold chain intimidating and quite challenging sometimes. You’re not alone in this because this article has enough information to assist you in making a decision.

Whether you are looking for one to add to your collections or you are a first-timer. The following tips will break down the different styles of gold chains and help you find an ideal gold chain.

How to Choose an Ideal Gold Chain

 When shopping for an ideal gold chain, below are important tips to consider.

Know What Look You’re Going For

There are many types of gold chains. While some have a masculine look, some are more feminine. Some can hold a pendant, while others can be used for daily wear. Knowing what you are looking for will narrow the research and allow you to choose the perfect type that suits your style.

Know the Chain Strength

If you buy your gold chain for daily wear, your priority should be strength. Among the various types of gold chains, the strongest are made of links like the cable, Figaro, etc. However, put in mind that strength only applies to quality metal. If the jewelry is made from poor quality metal, it will get bad over time regardless of the design.

Know the Material the Chain Was Made From

There are three different materials most gold chains are made from—solid, gold-filled, and gold-plated.

  • Solid Gold: Solid gold is not always 100% pure gold. It could be 22Karats, 18Karats, 14Karats or 10Karats.
  • Gold-filled: It is made by bonding sheets of gold onto a base metal. However, it's less valuable than solid gold.
  • Gold-plated: A gold-plated chain is the inferior to a pure gold chain. It's cheaper than the other materials, and it requires the utmost care and maintenance to make it durable.
  • Hollow Chains: Hollow chains are cheaper than solid chains. If you buy hollow chains, you have to be extra careful because they could easily break.

So if you have a choice and enough funds, consider a solid chain because it's durable and will never lose its value.

Check for The Gold Quality

Gold is expensive and in high demand, hence people try to imitate and create fake versions. So it's important to outsmart them by knowing the important information and differentiation between the original and fake. Below are tips to determine whether a gold chain is real or fake.

  • The Hallmark: All reputable gold manufacturers include hallmarks in their items. The hallmark is usually a small mark you will find on gold jewelry that determines the purity of the gold.
  • Porcelain Test: One of the easiest ways to check for your gold quality is to rub it against unglazed porcelain and observe. You will see a yellow stain if it's real gold and a black streak if it's fake.
  • Magnetic Test: Place your cold chain close to a magnet. If it attracts, then it's a fake gold jewelry that possibly contains iron or nickel. This is only useful if you’re looking out for pure gold and not gold-plated chains..
  • Pay an Appraiser: You can pay for an appraiser to determine the quality of your gold. However, this is pretty expensive.

Check for Thickness

Depending on what you are using the chain for, it's important to check the thickness. For instance, if you are going to put a pendant, you should know the weight of the pendant and choose a thick chain that can hold the pendant's weight.

Know The Gold Surface

The Gold chain’s surface is often overlooked. When purchasing a gold chain, run your fingers through the chain and make sure the surface is smooth. If it is rough, it may irritate your skin after prolonged wear.

Choose The Clasp

Ensure the clasp closes well and is durable. A bad clasp or a difficult one can easily discourage you from wearing your gold chain.

Consider The Chain’s Length

Length is also important when purchasing a gold chain. For example, a chain that’s too short might feel choking while wearing it for a long time. Also, take your neck size into consideration when choosing the chain length.

Know Your Style

Your personality and style matter when choosing a gold chain. For example, if you like classy and elegant design, choose a thin and delicate chain coupled with a simple pendant. And if you like a more pronounced look, choose an eye-catching chain.

The Most Popular Types of Gold Chains

Many people think the gold chain is a simple one-piece item. No, the gold chain comes in many styles and lengths. You can use it to hold a pendant or wear it as it is. Furthermore, knowing the different types of the gold chain will narrow down your search and you will at least have an idea of which style to choose. If you are looking for where to get your gold chain, whether single chain or with a pendant, try a physical store or an online store. Variety makes things enjoyable.


Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain, also called the Miami Cuban link chain, is often a men's style, but it recently became a female style. Most ladies that want to look masculine choose the Cuban link chain. It is a cable link variation consisting of oval links intersecting on a rope pattern. In Sikacci, you will find different types of Cuban Link Chain, including both white and yellow gold.


Curb Chain

The curb chain is one of the best gold chain options for women because it's lightweight and has a fantastic interlocking pattern. The chain is often confused with the Cuban link chain because of its similarities. However, the curb chain has a flatter profile and is thinner than the Cuban link chain. The amazing aspect of this chain is how the links interlock together when laid flat. And when worn as a necklace, it gives a beautiful appearance against the neckline.

Curb Chain in White Gold 3MM; 18 inches, 20inches, and 24 inches.

Cable Chain

Most people prefer cable chains, making it one of the wanted gold chains in the market. Its sleek and super versatile features make it an ideal option to use as a pendant necklace or bracelet. It features identical round or oval links. The chain links can be either round or flattened and are interlocked together. If the links are of the same size and each is interlocked. It creates a cable chain.

Cable Chain in White Gold 3MM; 18inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches

Rope Chain

Trailing the origin of the rope chain, it was popularized by the hip-hop community and the golden age of rap groups. It can be used as a necklace or a bracelet. It consists of small links that look like a rope. The chain is versatile, durable, strong, and textually interesting. Even the thinnest rope chain is strong and can withstand pressure making it the best option for adding charms and layering.

Rope Chain in White Gold 2MM; 18 and 20inches.

Figaro Chain

Most Figaro chains are designed and crafted in Italy and are mostly worn by men historically. The design of the chain contains two or more small circular links alongside elongated oval links. It features cross pendants or personalized medallions. Like curb chains, its links are also flat against each other when worn, giving a streamlined look.

Figaro Chain in White Gold 3MM; 18inches and 20inches.

Figaro Chain in Gold 3MM; 18 and 20inches

All the gold chains found in reputable stores are certified gold, selling at an affordable price, covered with a lifetime warranty, and can be shipped to your location within three days after purchase.

Wrap Up

There are various options to consider when buying an ideal gold chain. Many beautiful pieces available are already adorning the necks of your friends and other people. However, you can always be fashionable and unique. This is why you should choose a gold chain based on your aesthetic and style. Hopefully, making that decision would be much easier. Take the tips on how to choose an ideal gold chain and get the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

If you are looking for where to find the best gold chain at an affordable price do quickly check Sikacci and shop for the most outstanding gold chain.

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